last night in toronto…

14 Apr

Evergreen Brick Works was the site of a throwdown involving some of America’s street art royalty, DJs (that provided awesome throwback tunes), and La Carnita’s Mexican-inspired street food. while incredibly long lines prevented indulging in the latter at UNO, we managed to secure a Muskoka beer (on tap!) and pretty sure i scored the very last glass of  Open Merlot. yes. we were set to take in the environment that felt like a much more civilized version of the all-night warehouse parties i used to go to. totally impressed by the artists’ work in the “gallery”… our take home was going to be the print by Doublenaut, but will have to figure out another way to get it as we were headed to dinner and did not want to wreck it. overall really enjoyed the vibe and hope this turns into an annual thing. judging from the 500-strong (at least) crowd waiting to get in when we left, i don’t doubt it will.

and that dinner? we were wanting to stay on theme so it was decided to try Playa Cabana. the place has been open just a year and am baffled at how my restaurant radar totally missed it! i had only stumbled upon it after walking by a few times after recent appointments in the was never open at the time so my curiosity only increased. well, once we settled in, i knew we’d found our new regular. from the mojitos and made-to-order guac, to the crab cakes and fish tacos, everything was amazing. you can see from their web site that attention is paid to making Mex healthy (no trans-fats; gluten-free tacos), but be assured no taste is sacrificed. as the very last table on a Friday night, the staff informed us that we had to do a shot of Tequila with them. gladly. and it won’t be the last time either.